Friday, June 24, 2011

Downward facing Dog

Today was a suicide grey&unyeilding air thick with tears almost about to heave&sob wracked with utter&complete sadness what a waste youth&beauty destroyed&left for others to try and wash away doubts what if what if

Monday, June 6, 2011

Stop repressin' my artistical expression!

Again with the "WARNING!WARNING!YOUR ART IS A VIOLATION" (This time by the squares at Faceb**k,again.)Would this be the case if I were a man-or is it just because I choose to express images of powerful women exploding with sexual energy? Vagina art is evidently far more shocking that the traditional phallic route(one that I'm also very fond of,yet this is never a problem.) Well suck it Haters,I don't paint for your lame asses anyhow! I pulled all my art off that social net working sight&will now only be sharing with those who YOU,whom I appreciate greatly. xoxo me