Thursday, February 13, 2014

The Creamery 3/1/14

I'm showing my latest works&having an opening at my new work: Gelato Verro,Saturday March 1st. It's so close to my Birthday,it's going to be my party too! I've been busting out a load of new Ice Cream Themed pieces that are general public friendly&will show my Remixed Figurines upstairs at the Opening only. Time to whip out a flyer!

*It had been raining for days the night of my show,a few fabulous people showed up&it was Mellow Yellow. Mixed Media will be up Downstairs throughout March,seems to be well received.
the Flyer

The One Who Sold

The One Who Fascinated

Stoned Silver Foxes

Dairy Queen of Downstairs
More Downstairs Fun

Out for the Night


The Silver Foxes

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Luminous Unicorn

Sometimes I have a figurine for years before I end up Remixing it…the magic inside just isn't ready to emerge!When it does unfold,it's like the new wings of a butterfly ready to take flight for the first time.Because the original paint job was so very iridescent&lovely on this beauty,I tried to keep as much of it around as possible. Nothing can stop Luminous Opera&Rainbows from getting in on the party however!

Luminous Unicorn
Remixed Figurine 2014