Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Remixed Vintage Adventures

Busting out these fun Vintage Remixes on Thrift Store Paintings, Prints & Photographs because NO FUCKING BACKGROUNDS that's why!

These babies paint themselves, I just have to Inquire Within. 

Also Horsey, because it's Made in Japan so of course it's a shaker that pours from the eyes & nostrils.
Pink Gold Halo 2015

They Say It Happens When You Least Expect It 2015

Twoo Wuv 2015

Moonscape Unicorn 
Horsey (side)

Horsey (front)

Saturday, February 21, 2015


A taste of some random work I've been up to...
Ten Dolla (Tipped to my weed delivery guy.)

Ice Cream Pockets!

A Rocker Vest for "don't call me baby" Ruth*.
(*my 9month old Niece)

I started doing these at work because I didn't have actual photos of people. Now I'm doing a series of my own stories as well as submitted, called 86'd. 
(Theres even a Facebook page 86'd)

Friday, February 13, 2015


The Eyeballzilla Invasion is here! It crash landed into a big,ugly 1960's painting of a Harbor & has gone all Shitballz over various vintage paintings & prints. I'm feeling it. 
Shits going to keep expanding
Eyeballzilla in a Full Display

the Birth Day Party 

a.k.a. the Alien Birth

Here they are all together in a Rave 
aka an Eye-Patch aka Eye-Pod 

Monday, January 5, 2015

Lindsay Wixton's Mouth by King Sophie's World.

So I'm obsessed with Lindsay Wixton's face, thats been established. Enter King Sophie's World Custom Patches & ooh la la  viola: this bad ass Sequined Masterpiece!!! What a delightful experience,whispering my dreamy,dreams over the Interweb to Sophie's eyeears,through her skillful fingers. It even inspired me to hand sew it on to my Material Girl Denim Jacket. 
Now I want more!