Monday, March 31, 2014

The Continued Adventures of Psychedelic Murmaidacorn.

I miss my big girl who's off staying with friends,so here's a better photo of her from her mount on Wood Paneling at the Casa del 1970's in Claremont. Nothing compares to live,but this'll do.
Psychedelic Murmaidacorn 2013 by Aiyanasphere

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Don't give me any ideas

It all started with a request for a custom piece & as per usual,morphed into some sort of beautiful monster.She wanted donuts,tentacles & so much more (I'll try again some other day to include the Pandas puking rainbows & Unicorns being jerked off.) I was looking for an asian model but instead found this Anime Real Girl Sex Doll,so duh. I just can't seem to do exactly what someone else envisions but there are computers out there with programs that do just that so,fuck it.I guess having to come up with so many pieces that could be shown in a public space has made my inner weirdo rear its ugly head with a vengeance...
Ducking Fonuts/Mixed Media by AiyanaSphere 2014

Monday, March 24, 2014

The Creamery Continues

This slice of my art remains on display at Gelato Vero Caffe in SD,CA until the end of the March. I've gotten some really great responses so far&more people are connecting with it more than I expected. Super Happy Feels!
Hangry IceScream/Mixed Media by AiyanaSphere 2014

Noms/Mixed Media by AiyanaSphere 2013

Spawntaineous Xtasty/Mixed Media by AiyanaSphere 2014

RAD DUO/Mixed Media by AiyanaSphere 2014

Leche by AiyanaSphere 2009

Cream by AiyanaSphere 2009

EyeScream/Mixed Media by AiyanaSphere 2009

OPEN/Mixed Media by AiyanaSphere 2009

Blue Birds of Happiness/Mixed Media by AiyanaSphere 2009

MILK/Mixed Media by AiyanaSphere 2014

MMM!/Mixed Media by AiyanaSphere 2009

Wild,Man. /Remixed Vintage by AiyanaSphere 2014

Candy Stripes Cookie Puss/Mixed Media by AiyanaSphere 2014

Blue Murmaidacorn by AiyanaSphere 2013

Gold Anchor by AiyanaSphere 2013

Sweet&Sour by AiyanaSphere 2009

2Scoops2/Mixed Media by AiyanaSphere 2014