Friday, September 24, 2010

Vagasaurious Rex

        "I could never be totally Gay,because VAGINAS FEEL AWESOME!" ~ Emory Adonis Cole

Sage words from a beautiful youth that have started a series of collages featuring vintage porn,googlie eyes,rinestones,acrylic&enamel paints...I love the porn looks that are supposed to be sexy&inviting but often just appear angry or funny like they just farted or are chafed by razer burn on their pink panther. I want People to LOVE VAGINA'S-WORSHIP them even for the the MAGICAL,MYSTICAL beasts they truly are! The Origin of the WORLD,gateway to all human LIFE&PLEASURE!! Why I choose to starve mines is beyond me but I think this work will help me explore that...STAY OPEN&WARM xoxo