Sunday, December 19, 2010

#99 Chad VanGaalen - Willow Tree

I love Chad Van Gaalen&everything he does as an artist&musician(including every word that I've ever heard come out of his mouth.)When I saw him preform this song live I cried like a baby-he had no strap for his banjo&was standing like a crane holding it up with his leg. Afterwords when I went over to thank him for playing we had a moment...he is a warm,lovely human with the most perfect teeth I've ever seen in my life. To think he comes up with all this shit alone in his basement in Canada is pretty mind blowing.

Black Mold: Metal Spiderwebs

Monday, December 13, 2010

Cathy's House!

Imported from JAPAN for your pleasure.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Dancing with myself.

 Blah,blah,blah,some bullshit...
"The decision not to show your work was a complicated one, and it was not up to me, but **** and the owners of the shop decided not to have a solo show of your work because of problems that we had with a couple of previous shows that had graphic sexual content. All of us at the gallery would like to be adults about these things, but it's obvious that a lot of other people outside of here can't be, and that's really unfortunate. We'd love to have you participate in our group shows, and we'd be happy to talk to you more about showing with us if we can find a common ground on that issue."
Granted much of my work is sexual in nature,but then again most of LIFE is sexual nature&for the record this is a Tattoo Shop/Gallery wherein one must be 18+ to ENTER. Clearly all my work is not "Graphic" so I am unsure as to why they didn't even talk to me before rejecting my having a showing on that basis.It's frustrating for me as an artist to be sitting on a huge body of work with NOWHERE (non virtual) to show...So I'll just keep slapping it up here on you my friend,the INTERWEB. Here are some of the twinkly little stars in my Casa de la Artista that I haven't already shared with you here...
 "Cream" Multimedia on Wood 2009
 "Leche" Enamel&Acrylic on Wood 2009
 "Free Rides" Multimedia on Bamboo Board 2010
 "Guts" Enamel on Bamboo Board 2009
 "Ram Das/Pinky Shy Love Strong" Multimedia on Canvas 2010
 "3 Headed Dragon" Remixed Incense Burner 2010
 "Sweet Jesus" Remixed Wall Hanging 2010
 "Full Flex NINJA" Remixed Benihana Cup 2010
 "HAHA" Multimedia on Wood 2010
 "Scissor Sisters" Remixed Vintage Figurines 2009
 "Fresh Cream" Multimedia on Bamboo Board 2010
 "Glitter Piss" Multimedia on Canvas 2010
 "Frenchy" Remixed Vintage Figurine 2009
 "Fancy" Remixed Vintage Figurine 2009
                                                  "Hard Candy" Remixed Vintage Busts 2009
"Pussy Power"Multimedia on Canvas 2010

Thursday, December 2, 2010

The Cockettes


I'll let you in on a spirit animal is a Drag Queen. Here are my muses in ReMixed figurine form...if you can believe it they were once clowns! Thanks to the magic of Googlie Eyes&Glitter they can now come out of the closet in the fiercest way possible. 
DIVINE,the COCKETTES,LEIGH BOWERY&most recently RuPaul's DRAG RACE&DRAG U are just some of my real life Drag inspirations...check them out if you need a little color splashed across your reality. XOXO

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

MaxNormal.TV - Dassie

Die Antwoord - Evil Boy (Explicit Version)


DIE ANTWOORD Multimedia on Canvas 2010
I love me some music&one of my favorite new bands is the South African Rap/Rave Crew DIE ANTWOORD...they drop next level beats,are visually stunning&have a DIY ethic that is truly impressive. NINJA(a.k.a. Waddy Jones/MC Totally RAD/MAX NORMAL etc.)&YOLANDI VI$$ER have been coming up with awesome shit for years&with DJ Hi-Tek this crew is going to take over the world.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Cloud Up Your 3rd EYE

It's all about EYES,everything has eyes now...Poop,Cum,Farts,Hands-eye in the middle of your Head OPEN NOW! Googlie booglie jiggle jangling...I'm saving my last giant googlie eye for my Halloween costume,now all I need are some gold fronts.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Vagasaurious Rex

        "I could never be totally Gay,because VAGINAS FEEL AWESOME!" ~ Emory Adonis Cole

Sage words from a beautiful youth that have started a series of collages featuring vintage porn,googlie eyes,rinestones,acrylic&enamel paints...I love the porn looks that are supposed to be sexy&inviting but often just appear angry or funny like they just farted or are chafed by razer burn on their pink panther. I want People to LOVE VAGINA'S-WORSHIP them even for the the MAGICAL,MYSTICAL beasts they truly are! The Origin of the WORLD,gateway to all human LIFE&PLEASURE!! Why I choose to starve mines is beyond me but I think this work will help me explore that...STAY OPEN&WARM xoxo

Thursday, August 12, 2010

"FUCK" Jesus

I just finished a remixed bust of Jesus commissioned by my friend Anthony Malat...when he heard about the Corpse Paint Jesus I'd done in the past he just had to have one as a gift for a friend who will aparently "Shit his pants" when he recieves this bad boy. This is exactly the reaction I usually go for so everybody happy! The best part is Anthony has an AMAZING menswear line &we are doing a trade of some sort because money is BORING. Really I wish I could barter for everything...this must be a result of being born on a commune(&does NOT make me a hippy,just a Bastard Love child.)

Monday, July 12, 2010

The Spirit of 94'

I just booked a ticket on a flight to Baltamore,MD for a reunion show of a band I traveled around with when I was 19: Universal Order of Armageddon. That period of my life was real concentrated,like concentrated orange juice,real crazy&sweet...I hope it will cut this bitterness that so often consumes me. I long for the big eyed sweetness of my youth,the sense of wonderlust&the company of brilantly creative,produtive humans who most importantly make me laugh my ass off.

Monday, June 28, 2010


Dairy Queen of the Milky Way
Multimedia in Canvas 2010

I just set up an online store on BIG CARTEL! htt://
This is huge for me because until recently,all computers emited an unearthly squealing sound when I got near them(some sort of defensive response.)I've sense had my polarity adjusted&aura tinted rosey colored&everything seems to be working out...
BUT WE SHALL SEE(Insert dramatic outro music.)

Friday, June 25, 2010


This piece is inspired by Damo Suziki&CAN performing a song in 1972 off TAGO MAGO.(If you don't know CAN,what do you know?Do yourself a flavor.) I love this man's face&he is one of my favorite vocalists of all time! His 3rd eye is so wide open he's still creating time&space "Instant Composing"&constantly touring. CAN pretty much invented modern music yet remain obscure,beloved by those that have been baptized by audio enlightenment. I have my old pen pal(remember those?!)&dear friend Colin Seven to thank for turning me on to them with a mix tape of their"greatest hits"from his sickening record collection back in the early 90's(he had hand screened the cover&whoever stole it from me fucking sucks.)

Thursday, June 24, 2010

68 I'll owe you one.

Multimedia on Canvas 2010

Multimedia on Bamboo 2009

JACK PASSION Natural Beard Champion
Multimedia on Bamboo 2009

Here are some of the Pin-Up menz I've done over the last year of Moustaches&Beards featuring Ami Shalev(Singer of the MONOTONIX)&Jack Passion.
I find myself fasinated by certain visual stimuli that varries as time present ,as I discussed before,it's Hair. Moustaches&Full Beards topping my *SPLOOSH* list with gotees&white people dreads tieing for things that are gross to me. Little pleases me more than watching a man stroke his full,minky beard or twist&ponder a curling moustache...while the frizzy,greasy stink halo surrounding blond dreads is palpable&a goat looks like a chin pussy but says: "68 I'll owe you one."
I'm allways looking for models but be warned-I will try to touch it inapproprately.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Daddy's Day.

My father died one year ago 6/18/2009 so this year I tried my favorite kind of therapy-getting tattooed. I found a little black book he'd given me when I was about 5years old that we'd both drawn in&had my friend Beartrap at Blndsight Tattoo ink up some little figures&"Daddy"that he had drawn/written in Country Blue ink on the back of my arm. I don't know if it's the pain or the ritual but this allways makes me feel better-consaquently,most of my many tattoos mark some major life event. Then theres the stupid ones I get for no good reason at all! While Tattooing didn't work out for me as a profession,I will allways have my body gallery.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Work in progress...

It's not quite finished yet but heres the latest piece I've been working on: the Center fold is from a HONCHO mag from 1982 originaly featuring a jock strap,but I'm more of a gold pantys kind of gal. GIANT googlie eyes&a "real" fake moustache(from a gumball machine) are icing on the cake! Now all I need is to find a nice stiff piece of wood to mount it on...
That's what SHE said!

UPDATE: Finished!Still needs to be MOUNTED...

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Outlaw Marriage!

I'm putting together pieces for the "OUTLAW MARRIAGE!"group artshow at Sanctuary Tattoo this 1st friday in Portland,Maine&pondering what that means to me...

If all can't have it none should OR Subversive new forms of OUTLAW marriage!

Then theres allways:WHY the FUCK would ANYONE WANT to GET MARRIED?!


Sunday, May 30, 2010


Stacks of crap...that's what my little art space looks like right now! What I need is a venue&some way to make a cohesive statement with my "art."

"Um,the rainbows shooting out of her vagina repersent,uh,self expression! Spiritual enlightenment? Fuck it,they are just AWESOME."

Yeah,I need to work on my "statement." What does one do when one makes what one makes simply to create? I guess that's what the rainbows&lightning bolts really repersent-something beautiful&uncontrolable exploding out of your most intamate self all over the vastness of space. That's always been my problem-I feel art should be free for everyone...a big public display of affection! Yet the thought of being a waitress for the rest of my life fills me with dread.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Screaming Babies!Screaming Babies!Screaming Babies...

Captains Log 1st Entry


I'm here to share,with YOU,my friend...because sharing is caring.

(At least that's what those damn pastel Bears are always screaming about)

My name is Aiyana&I am a multimedia visual artist curently living&working in Portland,Maine.

At the moment I'm obsessed with images of hair:

mustaches,beards,eyelashes,eyebrows,chest,bush,afros,braids etc.

I also enjoy lactation,ejaculation,perspiration,crying,lolling tongues,buck teeth,googlie eyes&things that sparkle&glow in the dark(or at least look like they should.) Lighting bolts&Rainbows should be exploding everywhere!

Wow,that do make me feel a whole lot better getting that out there.

xoxo Aiyana Sphere