Monday, July 12, 2010

The Spirit of 94'

I just booked a ticket on a flight to Baltamore,MD for a reunion show of a band I traveled around with when I was 19: Universal Order of Armageddon. That period of my life was real concentrated,like concentrated orange juice,real crazy&sweet...I hope it will cut this bitterness that so often consumes me. I long for the big eyed sweetness of my youth,the sense of wonderlust&the company of brilantly creative,produtive humans who most importantly make me laugh my ass off.

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  1. I decided to go into more detail about my trip...
    Baltamore was hot as HELL (102+)but WARTSCAPE was fun&I got to see LIGHTNING BOLT as well as U.O.A...I felt a bit dated&out of place&kept wondering if the kids around me had pooped their pants(stinky!)but my vantage point from behind the Merch table made for great people watching&the raw enthusiam during the guys set was amazing.Then it was a rental Vandamoanium up to Brooklyn(the land of my Mothers people)for the sold out DEATH BY AUDIO show(very cool space,covered in AWESOME murals)with SILK FLOWERS&NO AGE. This time I just had to be up front so I litraly hid behind Colin(Vox)as he made his way up to the stage so I could squeeze up there&take some photo's(which turned out totally trippy.)The show was amazing&made me feel like a kid again! They will allways be one of my favorite bands&some of my favorite people to boot. David Cross(Mr.Show/Run Ronnie Run/Arested Development)was even there rocking out...who knew in person he was so fuckable? I made dirty eyes at him for awhile between all the total foxes that populate Brooklyn&chatting with my new friend next to me behind the NO AGE table (I forgot your name but girl you ROCK!) That night I stayed at Anthony(Bass)&his lovely girlfriend Jamies SWEET apt. where I got to share the couch with my new best friend Spider(a 7 month old Min-Pin who may be the cutest thing EVER!) Old friends&good times-who could ask for anything more? Ok,I woulden't have minded making out with someone besides a wee widdle doggy oh hell,oh well! Such is Life.