Friday, September 24, 2010

Vagasaurious Rex

        "I could never be totally Gay,because VAGINAS FEEL AWESOME!" ~ Emory Adonis Cole

Sage words from a beautiful youth that have started a series of collages featuring vintage porn,googlie eyes,rinestones,acrylic&enamel paints...I love the porn looks that are supposed to be sexy&inviting but often just appear angry or funny like they just farted or are chafed by razer burn on their pink panther. I want People to LOVE VAGINA'S-WORSHIP them even for the the MAGICAL,MYSTICAL beasts they truly are! The Origin of the WORLD,gateway to all human LIFE&PLEASURE!! Why I choose to starve mines is beyond me but I think this work will help me explore that...STAY OPEN&WARM xoxo


  1. It's true, they do. You will always be one of my favorite artists. I almost married a gurl with a masters in "fyn hart" AND...she had nothing on you.

  2. I see the cold weather of Maine has made you delve DEEPER into the art of the VULVAGINA. Hmmmmmmm - now I understand why ya'll stay indoors a lot!
    You're awesome!
    And your new name is VULVAGINA

  3. ditto, you're awesome and the overwhelming awesomeness of these paintings and the vaginas therein are leaving me bereft of awesome things to say. All i know is that I'm gettin' the tingles, thanks for reminding my bagina that it's awesome. The first one is my favorite!