Sunday, January 2, 2011

Bring it 2011

EXHALE/ANTIPODES/FREEWAY Multimedia on Canvas 2010
Pages 2&3 from "Happy Thoughts"Sketchbook
 HARPY EWE EARS! Living in the Land of Bad Babies&Long"DRY"Spells gives me plenty of time to work on various arts&crafts,the latest being the most recent round of the Sketchbook Project through the Brooklyn Art Library. I had contributed the Canvas Project 3 with a Triptic for the given words EXHALE,ANTIPODES&FREEWAY a few months back but this latest body of work is much more involved. I'm trying to recreate the look&feel of one of my many "Black Books" from years past...sketchbooks that traveled&lived with me. My subject title is "Happy Thoughts"&as usual that can mean many things...
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