Thursday, December 22, 2011

Best Coast

Greetings from sunny Sin Dingo! I'm finally recovering from a very stressfull move cross country from Portland ME to San Diego CA...even my art has arrived safe&sound after being shipped via Grayhound. One of my major motivations for this move was to hopefully find a more responsive&inclusive art community because that was NOT the case in Maine(so very conservitiveZzZzZ.)I feel the color&culture of this place will only further my artistic growth&I hope to find people who inspire me to reach new creative levels. At least I won't have to deal with another East Coast winter&the seasonal depression that has gripped me in it's icy claws for the last 5years!
I've started to learn how to make mosaics from an old friend Kirstin*&am helping her with beautiful seaweed&mirror fish shower piece.She works out of a "dungeon" in our old High School- it's trippy! I've also been enjoying the sky(my new house has a great view,)playing with babies,watching too much TV&drinkng alot of tea. On a bad note my beloved pigdog Tipsy has been very ill with an enlarged heart,fluid in her lungs,anemia&a skin infection. She's on a perscription diet&9 pills daily&her vet bills are adding the fuck up yo! At least my vet is silver fox handsome&has a soothing manner. 

* Kirstin Green Mosaics  


  1. She's on tons of meds&a prescription diet but doing great...lost some teeth but still beautiful to me!