Tuesday, August 21, 2012


I find that every time I try to explore the possibility of making commercial,marketable artwork with the possibility of I don't know,actually SELLING something,my creative process comes to a screeching halt. It's like my mind just wonders off somewhere more interesting&I find it impossible to get in to the groove I usually loose myself in. Theres also the fact that my aesthetic is so far removed from the "Norm"I sometimes feel like an alien visitor from another dimension! Perhaps it's because my artwork is the only thing I have never aloud my self to compromise,make excuses for or restrain in any way...most of the time it's so totally organic,very little thought or planning goes in before hand. It simply flows from me onto whatever surface,with whatever medium calls to it. When I actually try to draw or paint something specific,it NEVER ends up looking anything like my assigned subject matter! I often have to draw something multiple times to even get it in the vicinity. Oh hell,oh well~there are worse fates in life than staying true to your heart&never exploiting the only thing that gives your life meaning. You can keep the money honey,I just want to be free...


  1. I hear you on so much of this. What if you just put your stuff up on etsy? If I had a place to install it, I'd get one of your owlies.

  2. I have an etsy sight,I just take crap photo's of my stuff&the rest I wouldn't dare to put up there.