Friday, November 1, 2013

Hell-O Weenie! The Adventures of Lady Guy.

Oh Halloween,you know you my Bestie! This years inspiration came like a lightning bolt exploding the lightbulb above my head...I caught a glimpse of myself wearing a side pony in my fucked up, growing out,side shave hair&I thought: "I look like one of those 1/2Man1/2Woman Side Show Freaks."

The Half/Stache is made from a the adhesive side of a cloth like bandaid,cut to shape,Matte ModPodge&a snip of my hair. It came out perfect&stayed on all night with just a couple drops of eyelash glue(even through tacos!)
The Make-Up was moisturizer&some pencil in my man brow for Guy. Full Face,including False Eyelash&Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Lip Tar in 'Cha Cha',for Lady.(I painted my nails just on that side too!)
The Costume starts with a button down shirt cut in half behind the buttoned buttons.You can attach half a shirt dress by simply buttoning the dresses holes in-between the shirt! All you have to sew is the backs together,I hand stitched it,but I'm sure you could bust it out on a sewing machine lickity split.(Don't forget to allot yourself extra fabric for sewing!)I also put on a tight sports bra,a flesh colored Flexies Shaper Full Tank top over that then popped my Right Boob out of the bra(but still under&supported by the tank.)I then cut one leg off a pair of pants(to go under the half skirt)put on one boot,one flat&just tried to remember to carry my purse in the right hand.
P.S. Don't forget to stuff a sock in your dude pant side! 
P.P.S. An unhooked necklace can be attached to a button hole&pinned to the Lady neckline,for a nice finishing touch.

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