Thursday, June 24, 2010

68 I'll owe you one.

Multimedia on Canvas 2010

Multimedia on Bamboo 2009

JACK PASSION Natural Beard Champion
Multimedia on Bamboo 2009

Here are some of the Pin-Up menz I've done over the last year of Moustaches&Beards featuring Ami Shalev(Singer of the MONOTONIX)&Jack Passion.
I find myself fasinated by certain visual stimuli that varries as time present ,as I discussed before,it's Hair. Moustaches&Full Beards topping my *SPLOOSH* list with gotees&white people dreads tieing for things that are gross to me. Little pleases me more than watching a man stroke his full,minky beard or twist&ponder a curling moustache...while the frizzy,greasy stink halo surrounding blond dreads is palpable&a goat looks like a chin pussy but says: "68 I'll owe you one."
I'm allways looking for models but be warned-I will try to touch it inapproprately.

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