Friday, June 25, 2010


This piece is inspired by Damo Suziki&CAN performing a song in 1972 off TAGO MAGO.(If you don't know CAN,what do you know?Do yourself a flavor.) I love this man's face&he is one of my favorite vocalists of all time! His 3rd eye is so wide open he's still creating time&space "Instant Composing"&constantly touring. CAN pretty much invented modern music yet remain obscure,beloved by those that have been baptized by audio enlightenment. I have my old pen pal(remember those?!)&dear friend Colin Seven to thank for turning me on to them with a mix tape of their"greatest hits"from his sickening record collection back in the early 90's(he had hand screened the cover&whoever stole it from me fucking sucks.)

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