Tuesday, November 1, 2011


Dia de los Muertos Sugar Skull

Blood Red

Zombie Jeffree Star

"I'm wetter than SEA WORLD bitches!"

Getting away with murder.

Undead fierceness.

Amy as Zombie Audry Hepburn

Halloween is my most favoritest Helladay! You would think after all the years of working at vintage&costume stores that would not be the case but nothing can sway my love of these days. While most of the world uses the holiday to dress in drag or slutty I love to um,dress in slutty drag!Sunday(the day before)this year I went for a traditional Sugar Skull&painted my new housemate Amy up as a zombie Audry Hepburn for a little Cocktails&Entrails at our Casa de los Muertos. We drank Hot Toddies&Carrot Cake shots&ate eyeball cupcakes(made by CupKate)&other festive fare! For the night of I attended a Zombie Dance party all by my lonesome dressed as the fabulous JEFFREE STAR in Zombie form&danced in the corner like the creep I am.

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