Sunday, November 6, 2011

Service the Industry

I've been working at my present employer for almost five years-during that time I've watched it morph from a happy "family" into a corporate soap opera. Gone are the days of good times,sharing&caring-also gone are most of my beloved coworkers&the sense of teamwork really making the dream work. Fear of corprate overlords is the new banner hanging from the rafters,gossip the muzak constantly droning mindlessly in the background. Between "Secret Shoppers"&just the usual "I had a stressful day/life so I'm going to take it out on this Server/Peon"waiting on tables there has become hellish&for the most part unprofitable(10-15% not including drinks is the new 20%,thanks Oprah.) Worst of all is the trickle down of being shit on: The Big Dicks shit on the little dicks who shit on the rest of us to feel better about being shit on in the 1st place. I learned long ago to adhere the old adage "Don't shit where you eat"&in this situation that applies to a number of things:Don't fuck your coworkers&don't fuck your coworkers over for starters. I can only hope to move on from serving the industry to bettering myself,because 20 years is a long time waiting on others.


  1. I'm so glad you left Maine. Did Oprah really advise people to tip 10-15%?

  2. 10% actually...theres also the split the booze from the food trick(tip on the food not on the drinks.)I had a group of DOCTORS come in every Sunday&do this to me...on like $300 bills for drinks! I'm not so glad I left Maine,I miss it.